Network Day

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Network Day game.

What is Network Day?

Netzwerk is a networking game to connect pioneering projects to early stakeholders to create network effects. Every batch features a select number of projects that are invited to pitch to an invite-only audience of stakeholders that add value beyond capital.

How is Network Day structured?

After we select creators and champions for our next batch, we will go through a series of stages to connect creators to champions culminating with Network Day. We offer internal resources to prepare projects as much as possible to connect to the right stakeholders for them. We also invite projects to foster community where creators help each other. Two days prior to Network Day, we will send a preliminary pitch consisting of a short video and key points to our stakeholders. On Network Day, projects will present over the course of twenty minutes to our audience of creators and champions. We will also help facilitate 1:1 meetings between creators and champions.

Who is eligible to participate?

We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world to apply with any type of project. We only accept a small number of the applicant pool to ensure we are able to match participating teams appropriately with the cohort of stakeholders.

How do I participate?

Network Day is open to anyone from anywhere in the world. There are two ways to participate. Either you participate as a creator and submit a project. There is no cost to participate if you get selected. You may also participate as a champion of the project. There is a network fee associated when you participate this way. In return you get access to the entire batch of projects, the Netzwerk Day where projects pitch. In addition, you may request 1:1 video calls with any project. The teams have agreed to meet any of the champions of the batch. If the initial call goes well, you may agree with a project to meet in person.

How do I apply as a creator?

Please fill out an application using the Creator Form.

How do I apply as a champion?

Please fill out an application using the Champion Form.

Can I just watch projects demo online?

No, at the moment the only way to view demos is to become a creator or champion. Note that you must be accepted as a creator or champion in order to participate.

When do you stop taking applications?

We turn off applications when we reach capacity for our next batch.