Network Base

How to submit a project to open network base. If you don't follow the format, your submission may not be accepted. The process to submit a fund is similar.

Step by step instructions for submitting a project:

1/ Start

Start a discussion and select appropriate tag. (e.g. project for startups)

2/ Title & Subtitle

Enter title for name of project and optionally subtitle for short description.

3/ Abstract

Include concise abstract about project. About 250 - 300 words for length of abstract.

4/ Stakeholders

Include the following information. Ideally @ the name of the node or network:

Node: (name of lead people of project) Network: (name of project) Fund: (name of key investors backing project)

Include research links to website, whitepaper, pitch decks, demo videos, community channels, AngelList profile, Crunchbase profile, key articles, and any similar research links.

6/ Metadata

Include as many hashtags as you wish that help others to discover the project.

7/ Awaiting approval

Hit submit and wait for submission to be accepted to the open network base.

Note: If you become a regular contributor, we will trust you to post entries without requiring approval.