Prerequisite: In order to be able to make requests to connect with other nodes in the network, you first need to become a trusted node of Network.

How to become a trusted node

As a trusted node you may:

  • Participate in private threads for connection only with trusted nodes.

  • Increase probability to get connected.

To become a trusted node, please submit the following information:

1/ Submit your project to the Open Network Base

Please follow instructions here: The best guidance is to look at previous project submissions.

2/ Fill out your profile

Include a mini bio, links to social media or other links to verify your work. It is also helpful if you can explain your value add to the Network. The more information, the better.

How to make a request to connect:

After becoming a trusted node of Network, you may be able to submit a request to connect with other nodes.

Things to keep in mind when making a request:

  1. Explain whom you want to connect with and why.

  2. Mention the opportunity you want to explore with the other node.

  3. Keep it concise and show the win-win that would come out of a connection.